• 类型:石材养护 - 粘胶

  • 原产地:武汉

  • 规格:--

  • 供应能力:应客户要求

  • 最小订单量:无限量

本品为糊状的,不含溶剂的两组份胶粘剂,它以含填充剂和改性有机胺硬化剂的环氧树脂为主组成的,该产品有以下特性:<br> 1.固化速度较快;<br> 2.粘接强度高;<br> 3.固化收缩率极小,内应力很低;<br> 4.固化后基本无气泡;<br> 5.特别适合三明治式的粘接;<br> 6.热膨胀系数与石材几乎一致;<br> 7.粘度适中;<br> 8.操作方便;<br> 应用领域: <br> 该产品在石材加工行业中主要用于粘接天然石材(花岗岩、大理石)、人造石材、建筑材料(混凝土等)和钢材等,如:大理石-大理石、大理石-花岗石、大理石-陶瓷、石材-水泥、石材-铝塑板、石材-铝蜂窝的复合粘接;另外不平滑的表面也可以粘接,还可以进行表面覆盖粘接及栏杆的锚锭等。用KD-189(169)薄板复合胶覆盖的金属表面可以抗腐蚀。其它材料如塑料(硬PVC、多元酯、聚苯乙烯、ABS、聚酯)、酯,聚丙烯酸、硅酮、丁基橡胶等不能粘接。<br> It is a mushy 2-component adhesive free of solvent. It has following properties:<br> 1.Fast curing time;<br> 2.Good adhesion;<br> 3.Low shrinkage and internal stress;<br> 4.No air bubble after solification;<br> 5.Used for laminating(sandwiching);<br> 6.The thermal-expansion coefficient is nearly consistent with the stone material;<br> 7.Moderate viscosity;<br> 8.Easy using;<br> 9.Easy brushing, wearable and enduring, ageing-resistant and excellent resistant to cold-heat cycle;<br> 10.Weather-resistant;<br> 11.Free of solvent, suitable for bonding airtight materials;<br> 12.Good adhension on damp stone.<br> 13.Suitable for dissolved material adhesion (for example expanded polystyrene, ABS);<br> 14.Uneasy to crystallize, therefore, it's easy to store and use.<br> Application:<br> This product is mainly used in the stone material processing fields for bonding natural stone (granite, marble), artificial stone , construction (concrete, etc.) and the steel etc. for example: bonding marble - marble, marble - granite, marble - ceramics, stone material - cement, stone material - aluminum models board, stone material - aluminum honeycomb; so as smooth surface;&nbsp;&nbsp;It also can be used for fastening parapets and lamination; The materials such as polythene, polypropylene, silicone and butyl rubber can not be bonded with.<br> Technical Parameter:<br>  1.Color: Component A is gray; Component B is yellowish.<br>  2.The working time (25℃):40-90minutes (50g sample products mix up evenly)<br>  3.Full solidification time(25℃): 1-3 days<br>  4.Guarantee period: One year if stored in original packing with seal. It still can be used if tested to be usable after expiration date.<br>
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